Humanitarian Services

Financial, Medical & Surgical Help for 2005 Earthquake victims

In earthquake of October 08, 2005 which affected northern areas of Pakistan,We provided humanitarian medical and surgical services to the hundreds of injured patients. Our team stayed there for many weeks to do reconstructive surgeries and provided quilts/blankets & financial assistance to the affected families.

Flood Relief Activities in 2010 for flood effectees

In severe floods in 2010, Clapp’s team provided food packets and quilts to hundreds of families in the southern Punjab as well as upper Sindh areas.
2.3. Help to reduce hunger and poverty:
Hundreds of families are provided monthly food packets through the help of friends of Clapp.

Seven hundred tons of Rice(donated by Government of Taiwan) are distributed every year to needy families throughout Pakistan.

All these projects are supported by raising funds from Local Philanthropists and other international organizations.

We can at least decrease the magnitude of sufferings of the poor communities.

Future Plans for humanitarian services

CLAPP is planing to support free education of operated Cleft children by bearing their educational and accommodation expenses to facilitate their rehabilitation in the society.