Upcoming Hospital

CLAPP Board of Trustees has realized an increasing need to develop a new Hospital which can cater thousands of such patients who have no other place to go for free surgeries. These conditions if not treated timely, make these patients crippled and disabled forever. Thousands of patients are untreated just because of lack of money. CLAPP Trust has felt the pain of those needy patients and Board of Trustees has decided to construct a new hospital with a vision to change the lives of those needy patients who are living with their disabilities due to their

With better financial management, CLAPP Trust saved a good amount from the donations received from Local and International donors by freezing the expenses up to a certain limit.

Clapp Board has decided to establish a new hospital where free surgical treatment can be given to the  patients of Crania-Facial deformity, Blindness (congenital or acquired cataract), Club foot, Hydrocephalus, Hole in the Heart in addition to Cleft Lip & Palate and Post-Burn Contractures.

Clapp Trust has already purchased a piece of land measuring 18787,5 square feet or 1745 Square meter in 2011 equivalent to 4 Kanals and 3.5 Marlas. When we started developing the Building designs, we soon came to realise that this piece of land is quite insufficient as per our requirements. In 2014, we purchased another adjacent piece of land measuring 1750 Square meter to add to the project requirements. But our Architect was still not convinced that we have adequate land for our needs. So we were asked to purchase an adjacent piece of land to fulfil our desires to establish a state of the art hospital. So now the total land measures about 47,700 Sq.

Feet or 4431 Square meters (10 Kanals and 11 Marlas). The cost of land and other expenses incurred on it amounts to 1.6 million US$.

The building designs for 400 bedded hospital have been finalised by “Green Studio” firm. They have designed many Medical colleges and Hospitals in Punjab. CLAPP has submitted the

Building designs  to the Punjab Government. We hope to start the construction process somewhere in May 2016 and complete the project in March 2018.

Pakistan is fourth country in the world having more cleft patients after China, India and Indonesia. 1 out of 10 children born with a cleft dies before his/her first birthday. Incidence across the globe is approximately 1 out of 500-700 Live births but it is 1 in 550 live births in Pakistan. Children with a cleft palate who do not receive surgery by age 10 may have lifelong speech issues.

In Pakistan, more than 9,000 cleft lip & palate patients are born every year. More than 70,000 cleft patients are un-operated, still waiting for surgery since many years.

Cleft is not the only problem in Pakistan. There are many other deformities for which patients have to wait at government hospitals for so long as there is lot of rush of patients waiting for their turn for Surgery.

Pakistan Scenario shows the following figures about such deformities.

Cranio-facial Deformities
In Pakistan, more than 1,000 cases every year.
More than 10,000 are un-operated, still waiting for surgery since many years.

In Pakistan, more than 3,000 cases every year.
More than 25,000 are UN-operated, still waiting for surgery since many years.

Blindness (Congenital Cataract)
In Pakistan, more than 40,000 cases every year.
More than 300,000 are UN-operated, still waiting for surgery since many years.

Club Foot
In Pakistan, more than 5,000 cases every year.
More than 35,000 are UN-operated, still waiting for surgery since many years.

Hole in the Heart
In Pakistan, more than 40,000 cases every year, majority of these patients die due to delay in surgery.
More than 100,000 are UN-operated, still waiting for surgery.

Post Burn Contractures
In Pakistan, more than 5,000 cases every year.
More than 30,000  are UN-operated, still waiting for surgery since many years.

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  • Total Cost of Project: 21.0 Million US$
  • Plot Size: 47,700 Sq.Ft or 4431 Sq. M. (10 Kanals, 11 Marlas).
  • Purchased by CLAPP at the cost: 1.6 Million US$
  • Proposed Building Size: 330,000 Sq. Ft. or 30,658 Sq.M.
  • Cost of Construction: 10.0 Million US$
  • Cost of Equipment and Hospital Furniture: 9.4 Million US$

Facilities and Services

  • Emergency Ward:  8 beds with 1 Operating room
  • Outpatient Clinics – 31 Rooms
  • Diagnostic Block: CT scan, MRI, Ultrasound, Digital X-Rays,
  • Clinical Lab and Blood Bank
  • Physiotherapy
  • Labour rooms with Gynae OR
  • Nursery for neonates – 10 beds
  • Main OR Area with 7 operating rooms
  • Surgical ICU – 10 beds
  • Cardiac Catheterization Lab (Cardiac Angiography)
  • Cardiac Surgery ICU – 4 beds
  • Pediatric ICU – 16 beds
  • Coronary Care Unit – 11 beds
  • Medical ICU – 8 beds
  • Haemodialysis – 14 bed
  • Inpatient beds:- Rooms, semi-private and general ward areas
    Training school for Nurses
  • CSSD (Central Supply and Sterilization Department)
  • Bio-medical workshops and Laundry
  • Administration Block
  • IT Department and Server room
  • Cafeteria
  • Parking area for Cars

New CLAPP Hospital will ultimately become a training hub for many young surgeons to enable them to manage these severe deformities.

Our vision is to provide quality healthcare to every child in need.
New CLAPP Hospital will provide free of cost medical and surgical treatment to needy and deserving patients in the following disciplines,

1) Cleft Lip & Palate
2) Cranio-Facial deformities,
3) Club feet,
4) Hole in the heart,
5) Hydrocephalus,
6) Blindness due to Congenital Cataract (Treatable)
7) Post-Burn Contractures

Affording patients will pay for the treatment of their patients. Income will also be generated from the different departments like Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Orthopaedics, Paediatrics, Obstetrics &
Gynaecology, Eye, ENT, Neurosurgery, MaxilloFacial Surgery, Cardiac Surgery, Cardiology and Neurology.

Different visiting patients who have the capacity to pay for their examination will be a source for CLAPP Hospital to generate income from laboratory. By following this plan, CLAPP Hospital will be able to
generate sufficient revenue for its sustainability.

The revenue generated from private patients will be used to support free surgeries of poor patients.

Regional Impact
This hospital when completed will be able to serve thousands of Patients in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Iran and Afghanistan.

It will be a source of training for Young surgeons and other allied professionals from Pakistan and other neighbouring countries.

CLAPP is looking for Generous People like You to heal Children’s Smile and Change their “Life” across the Globe.

For more than a decade, CLAPP has provided more than 26,969 free surgeries for Poor cleft Lip & Palate Patients in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Now CLAPP is getting ready to extend its services to other common problems as well.

Be a partner of CLAPP in bringing the disabled ones back to their normal lives. Your Generous support for the construction of CLAPP Hospital will give a hope to thousands of patients who have no other place to go for help to become a normal person.


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